Things Founded in Silence

The silence has been a cause for reflection among many authors and artists. Able to summon a creative and meditative spirit, silence is synonymous with interiority, peace, consolation, but also melancholy and solitude. Also, it is a vote, a political position, a manifestation that, albeit mute, speaks louder than a vibrant cry.

In reference to a verse by Sophia de Mello Breyner, Things Founded in Silence is a programme that wants to debate and study the different dimensions of silence and how it relates to the arts. Based on nine activities, the program begins with a cycle of conferences at Culturgest on March 3 and 4; there is also a workshop with Rui Catalão at Appleton Square on March 28 and 29; on April 9, the exhibition by Susana Mendes Silva, Como silenciar um poeta, at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Chiado; Joana Saraiva presents three sessions of Filosofia com Crianças, on April 11 and 18; Gustavo Ciríaco and Isabél Zuaa premiere Uma voz on April 24; on May 7, the Instituto Superior Técnico opens its anechoic chamber to visitors; the National Music Museum hosts Tiago Sousa and Bruna Maia Moura, on May 16, for a concert with John Cage, Federico Mompou and Arvo Pärt; on May 25, 26 and 27, the Cinema São Jorge shows a selection of films about silence; and finally, on May 30, the programme ends with Jogo da Bomba, an exhibition by Gonçalo Alegria at the Galeria Monumental.

Things Founded in Silence is a multidisciplinary project organized and curated by Marta Rema, in various parts of Lisbon, from 3 March to 30 May.

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