Vila Franca de Xira 2020 Photography Biennial Open Competition

You may now submit your works to the Vila Franca de Xira 2020 Photography Biennial. Until May 4th, all those interested have the chance to enter the competition in the categories of Vila Franca de Xira County and Tauromachy both having a prize of 1 000€. A third prize of 5 000€ will be delivered under the scope of the biennial, whose theme will be independent. This prize went to José António Quintanilha for the 2018 edition of the biennale.

Just like the previous edition, Sandra Vieira Jürgens curates parallel exhibitions, as well as conferences and several events, all of which deal with the biennial’s subjects.

Considered one of the oldest in its field, the Vila Franca de Xira Photography Biennial has been paving its way to become a photography and contemporary art event to follow in Portugal, one that continues to adapt to our ever-changing times while underlining the city’s identity.

The Photography Biennial will take place once again at the Patriarchal Barn, scheduled for 21 November 2020 until 7 February 2021.

The rules for which can be found here.

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