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04. Biennials 2018
06. Tour of Art Fairs
08. Hanns Schimansky at the Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger – The Sound of Drawing
10. Álvaro Lapa – No tempo todo [All the time] at Museu de Serralves
12. Chama – Júlio Pomar, Rita Ferreira and Sara Bichão
14. Contemporary Portuguese art in Corrèze, France
16. In Luanda – The whole of Lusophony in the collection of PLMJ Foundation
18. The New Galery of Nuno Centeno
20. Primner Gallery – The Brazilian Neo-Concrete movement and its heritage live in Lisbon
22. The insular youth according to Pauliana Valente Pimentel
24. Revisiting major art themes, according to Tacita Dean
26. Deep Learning
30. Le Vide according to Klein
36. Mark Dion’s Monstrous Bonanza at Whitechapel Gallery
42. Colección MACBA – The value of the surface
48. Digital curationism and curatorship – A challenge to the barriers between reality and fiction
52. Net Art Anthology and the complex historiography of net art
59. Art Project . Pedro Barateiro – Data Monsters
64. In Madrid and in ARCO
74. Coimbra – Yearzero 2017, Cure and Repair
78. Cosmo/politics: universes, divergence, possibilities
82. A Sea of Mana
84. A Lisbon preserved in Neon Signs
90. From Portugal, a new building staging Architecture!
94. Living In . Theodore Ereira-Guyer – From Here Forth There are Dragons
100. Patrick de Pádua
104. Mother and Fuckers
112. Nowness



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