UMBIGO [belly button] is an independent art and culture platform, which includes a quarterly printed magazine, a daily online publication,  a social network for art and a program of various curatorial activities.

Building on themes such as contemporary art, fashion and culture-related subjects, with no regards to geographic nor time boundaries, UMBIGO values the artists’ works and creations by adopting a transparent approach, being a resource for Portuguese and selected international contents.


Umbigo Magazine (printed edition)

Umbigo Magazine features editorials, art shows and global artists and it has two editions, one in Portuguese and other in English. The publication also consists of special art projects, art dialogues and essays, exhibitions reviews, in-depth interviews, and much more. Umbigo Magazine is a selection of subjects with a curatorial dimension. The covers are the result of art projects specially made for the magazine.

With a circulation of 5,000 copies, Umbigo Magazine has more than 700 points of commercial distribution in Portugal, as well as in other specialized spaces, such as museums and art stores. Internationally the magazine is distributed in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Madrid, Amsterdam, Zurich, Stockholm, Berlin, Leipzig, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Portland, Dubai, Tokyo, Seoul, China and in our online shop.


Umbigo Magazine (online edition)

A bilingual online magazine that shares the printed magazine philosophy with a larger number of news, articles, reports and projects, as it is not confined to a specific periodicity nor to a physical page limit.

Another of its characteristics is working as a complement to the printed edition, with more images and videos available. It aims to increase the loyalty of its audience and ensure their continuity and showcase a wide range of collaborators.


UmbigoLAB – Social Network for Art

A digital platform specifically aimed for artists, curators and agents of this field, which was conceived under the umbrella of UMBIGO and Fundação Millennium BCP. As the title indicates, it is a laboratory of experimentation for art which tries to articulate the curatorial discourse with the artworks. In this sense, it is also a space for exhibiting and meditating on contemporaneity and modernity.

Based in a social media and networking model, composed by artists, curators, advisers and enthusiasts, UmbigoLAB is opened to everyone who wants to be part of it – after duly signed in –, everyone may like, comment and save contents, make friendships or exchange messages with other users; though, only the artists and the curators invited may publish projects and create exhibitions built on these projects. (

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