Sonae Media Art 2019: Berru Collective

The Berru Collective is a Porto based collective comprised of artists Bernardo Bordalo, Mariana Vilanova, Rui Nó and Sérgio Coutinho whose work centres around anthropological, philosophical, social and ethical concerns, looking primarily at the ever-present relationship between humanity and technology. The collective has begun to...

The Berru Collective is a Port...

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Volta ao Mundo, by José de Guimarães

José de Guimarães is one of the most accomplished Portuguese artists with a fruitful and envied career. At 80, with 60 years of work, Guimarães is a worldly artist, packed with stories and histories, always changing and turbulent, surely, but no less rich for the...

José de Guimarães is one of ...

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