Discurso de Decolonialidade

Discurso de Decolonialidade has works by 15 artists from 8 countries – South Africa, Angola, Brazil, Cameroon, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Príncipe, Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Diaspora. Graça Rodrigues and Sónia Ribeiro are the curators. This exhibition explores some of the most...

Discurso de Decolonialidade ha...

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Archive of Destruction, by Pedro Lagoa

Archive of Destruction is a constellation of images, excerpts, documents and files that portrays the paradox of archiving that which supposedly goes against its mnemonic and cultural, perennial and inalienable mission. In this digital and cumulative archive, Pedro Lagoa goes through the different metaphors and...

Archive of Destruction is a co...

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