Berlin, an unfinished chronicle

Berlin is the city of History. The flows of memories and temporal sludge converge into palpable wounds from the past, into monuments, the rubble of the Wall, buildings and streets. The commodification or commercialisation of the past is striking, but so is the enormous institutional...

Berlin is the city of History....

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Berlin Biennale 12, repair draft

The 12th Berlin Biennale (BB12) started on 11 June and ends 18 September, divided into six different venues: Akademie der Künste (two locations), Hamburger Bahnhof, Stasi-Zentrale. Campus für Demokratie, KW, and Dekoloniale Erinnerungskultur in der Stadt. This year’s edition, curated by Kader Attia, assisted by...

The 12th Berlin Biennale (BB12...

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