EmpowerBank, by Plataforma285

Plataforma285 is a multidisciplinary collective founded in 2011 to organize theatre performances. Its dramaturgy seeks non-theatricality and new creative languages, building realities inhabited by actors and not by characters. The collective works with a wide network of collaborators and associated artists. EmpowerBank is their new...

Plataforma285 is a multidiscip...

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Farci.e, by Sorour Darabi

Sorour Darabi is an Iranian choreographer and dancer living in France. S.he belongs to the underground association ICCD, which organises the Untimely festival in Tehran, Iran. In an interview with Le Monde, the artist uses the pronoun “s.he” claiming she does not define himself/herself as “trans...

Sorour Darabi is an Iranian ch...

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