Paulo Brighenti – Cascata

Anthropomorphism is perhaps one of the oldest artistic manifestations of mankind, immediately after cave paintings. We have the fables in literature and, although Paulo Brighenti doesn’t rely on this stylistic approach, his sculptures seem to be ready to tell stories of long-gone times.Paulo Brighenti has...

Anthropomorphism is perhaps on...

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Canhota, by Mariana Gomes

Canhota [Left-handed], an individual exhibition presented by Mariana Gomes at Fundação Carmona e Costa (extended until 20 July), stands out for its dynamism and boldness. It’s irreverent, disruptive, dashing, humour-laden and unpretentious. It surprises, it knocks the wind out of the viewer, it sets booby-traps,...

Canhota [Left-handed], an indi...

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