Centro Mutável — with Ana Cardoso, Armanda Duarte, Belén Uriel, Guarda Rios, Inês Teles, Os Espacialistas and Ricardo Jacinto

Centro Mutável project, presented earlier this month and having been inaugurated today, wants to bring together audiences, artists and thinkers, in a cycle of workshops, talks, performances and exhibition in 2021 and 2022 between Montemor-o-Novo and Lisbon.Artists and other guests think together about the centres...

Centro Mutável project, prese...

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Amadora-3, by Diogo Brito

In Diary of a Bad Year, J. M. Coetzee wrote something like “we are not born outside a State”. Or something like that.When we are born, we are given a number, an address, a name, a nationality, an ID. Without having any chance from birth, a...

In Diary of a Bad Year, J. M....

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