Interview with Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, an associate artist of Teatro Municipal do Porto for the season 2021/2022

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha is one of the most stimulating artists in national contemporaneity. The means he uses include audio-visual or performance, with technical excellence. The themes of his conceptual imaginary are current and sometimes frighteningly relevant. The alterity between human-machine, nature-technology, body-algorithm, space-resonance are part of...

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha is on...

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Abrupt: Dust Devices & Berru at Passos Manuel

Abrupt, an audiovisual performance which is the result of a collaboration between Cláudio Oliveira (sound artist), Berru (art collective) and Mera (record label), was presented at Passos Manuel last May, selling out both sessions.The project brings together different media, starting with a sound presentation and rapidly developing into a light performance that...

Abrupt, an audiovisual perform...

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