O Desenho como Pensamento Cycle of exhibitions and conversations – Third exhibition module Cristina Ataíde, Francisco Vidal, Carlos Garaicoa

Centro de Artes de Águeda / Municipality of Águeda, together with the University of Aveiro and the Municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha as co-organizers, has been promoting, since January 14th, the second edition of O Desenho como Pensamento, with Alexandre Baptista as artistic director. Just like the...

Centro de Artes de Águeda / M...

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The body dwelling in me

According to Giorgio Agamben, contemporaneity is an “anachronism that allows us to understand our time as a “too soon” that is also a “too late”, an “already” that is also a “not yet”[1]. This statement is quoted by Rémi Coignet in the opening text...

According to Giorgio Agamben, ...

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