The House and other forms

(Português) Texto de Filipa Nunes sobre a exposição coletiva Porta Entreaberta, organizada por Francisca Valador. Porta Entreaberta conta com obras das artistas Inês Brites, Leylâ Gediz, Sara Graça, Sara Mealha e Francisca Valador, e texto de Eva Oddo....

(Português) Texto de Filipa N...

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In 2023, fifty-five years will have passed since the PhD study that the then young anthropologist José Cutileiro finished at Oxford and published in England in 1971 under the title A Portuguese Rural Society (Clarendon Press). Illustrated with photographs by Gérard Castelo-Lopes and João Cutileiro...

In 2023, fifty-five years will...

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