Artists’ collective donates more than 100 works of art “With <3 to Palestine"

With <3 to Palestine platform is now up and running, a unique collaboration between 47 Portuguese and foreign artists, united by the purpose of raising funds to urgently support children in the Gaza Strip and their families. The initiative brings together drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures, including unique pieces and limited editions, the sales of which – at affordable prices and below market rates – are fully converted into donations for the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), a non-governmental organisation noted for its ongoing commitment to providing humanitarian assistance, especially in education and health, to children and young people in the region. The contributions raised will help strengthen the supply of food and drinking water, provide medical and psychological support and meet other immediate needs of the population.

The collective responsible for creating the platform thus aims to broaden involvement and accountability in the arts for the current context of crisis and war, calling for concrete political action and raising awareness of the urgency of an immediate and permanent ceasefire. Following the example of similar projects such as Pictures for Palestine and Postcards for Palestine, the initiative remains open, pluralistic and encourages the participation of artists from around the globe in solidarity.

At the moment, With <3 to Palestine has work and support from Adrien Missika, Ana Cardoso, André Guedes, Andreia Santana, António Poppe, Alexandre Camarao, Carla Cabanas, Carolina Pimenta, Carolina Vieira, Catarina de Oliveira, Cristina Lamas, Dayana Lucas, Di Lança Branco, Diana Policarpo, Elmira Abolhassani, Francisca Carvalho, Gonçalo Sena, Henrique Pavão, Hugo Canoilas, Isabel Simões, Jabulani Maseko, James Newitt, Joana da Conceição, Joana Escoval, Justice Nnanna, Luísa Jacinto, Maja Escher, Mané Pacheco, Manuel Caldeira, Maria Ana Vasco Costa, Marta Alvim, Maya Saravia, Neusa Trovoada, Oficina Arara, Pedro Barateiro, Pedro Pousada, Raquel Pinto, Rita GT, Sara Bichão, Sofia Montanha, Susana Amaral, Tamara Alves, Tiago Baptista, Tiago Borges, Tiago Casanova, Uriel Orlow and Xavier Almeida.

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