S.Ó.S and Salto Longe by Quorum Ballet

A busy evening featuring two dance performances by Quorum Ballet at Cine-Teatro D. João V, Amadora. The first show was S.Ó.S, created by Daniel Cardoso (the company’s artistic director), one that debuted in 2020 and brought back to the stage one of the most difficult periods in contemporary history, the pandemic. The Portuguese saying goes that “time is a wise counsellor”, so perhaps we can take the view that the answers to the questions raised by this show, from its premiere to the present day, November 10, 2023, now have a broader perspective, like a review of what may have been achieved and lost in these “cholera times”. And what does distancing consist of? Is it physical or emotional in nature? Are isolation and proximity, powerlessness and freedom conflicting concepts, or are they complementary? Encounters, mismatches, reunions, choices, opportunities, a whole scenario on a global scale. And time becomes continuous, circular, immediate, widespread, radically tragic and final or eternal. Daniel Cardoso’s judicious choreography, coupled with the dexterity of the company’s male and female dancers, succeeds in bringing out this difference in rhythms to the extent of a rare harmony. Each dancer takes turns throwing themselves into the centre of the stage, under the spotlight of a viral, piercing light that blinds us all, executing small solos with their own movement patterns, but which together conjure up a community of gestures. We witness the unexpected, pain, fear, illness, death, hope and redemption. The collective and visible expression of an invisible organism. The 45-minute performance was intense and this continued throughout the next show, not stopping even after the intermission.

The premiere of Salto Longe took us to 1960s and 1970s Portugal, facing the harsh realities of immigration in the country as a way of escaping poverty and oppression. To move forward in a salto is not the same as walking, it’s looking to go far, to take a risk. The thrust and suspension of the leap means falling, landing, building from another place, from another perspective. Margarida Carvalho showed us this angle in her choreography of cleverly varied, beautifully complex moments, in a clever relationship between the different dancers on stage. Energy, dynamism and technical mastery allied to inspired creativity. We should also emphasise the tasteful costumes and choice of music in both shows, as well as the expertise of the Quorum project dancers who took part in these two dance moments.




Artistic direction, concept and choreography: Daniel Cardoso | Rehearser: Kim Potthoff | Dancers: Beatriz Graterol, Fernando Queiroz, Inês Godinho, John Hackett, Margarida Carvalho and Mariana Matos | Quorum Project dancer: Margarida Santos | Music: Christian Loffler, Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, Kalakan, Olafur Arnalds | Costumes, light design and stage space: Daniel Cardoso | Technical team: David Vaquinhas | Sound design: Pedro Gonçalves | Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida | Production support (QP): Carolina Cruz, Inês Ribeiro, Íris Santos, Laura Santos, Margarida Évora and Mariana Simões | Public relations: Maria Dolores do Espírito Santo | Administration and financial management: Ana Cristina Bernardino | Target audience: over 6 years old | Duration: 45 minutes




Artistic director: Daniel Cardoso | Choreography, concept, set design and costumes: Margarida Carvalho | Rehearser: Kim Potthoff | Dancers: Abel Rojo, Beatriz Graterol, Fernando Queiroz, Inês Godinho, John Hackett and Mariana Matos | Quorum Project dancers: Catarina de Jesus, Filomena Melim, Leonor Paulo, Lydia Areces, Margarida Santos and Matilde Pinto | Music: Leilia, Pol Batlle (feat Rita Payés), Rodrigo Cuevas and Raül Refree, Sandra Monforte, Tanxugueiras, Xosé Lois Romero and Aliboria | Sound Design: Carlos Sanches | Light Design: Daniel Cardoso | Production: Raquel Vieira de Almeida | Production Support (QP): Carolina Cruz, Inês Ribeiro, Íris Santos, Laura Santos, Margarida Évora and Mariana Simões | Public Relations: Maria Dolores do Espírito Santo | Administration and financial direction: Ana Cristina Bernardino | Target audience: over 6 years old | Duration: 35 minutes


Jini Afonso completed her undergraduate education and Master's degree in Philosophy at NOVA University of Lisbon, has a post-graduate degree in Information Sciences from the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies, and a Master's degree in Curatorship and Art Criticism from the University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Art & Design. She has been involved in projects as co-curator: Brilliant Sound at Late at Tate, Tate Britain and One Night Stands Projects (1,2,3) at Wimbledon College, London, and as assistant curator: Project Flags at Kunstfack School of Art and Design, Stockholm, Berlin Fair of Contemporary Jewellery and the project Impressions on Contemporary Jewellery in Nuremberg. She was director of the Documentation Centre at INETE, a trainer in Communication and Information Management at the same institute and a Philosophy and Psychology teacher in different Secondary Schools. In India, she trained in Yoga at the Yoga Vidya School, the Kundalini Course at the Agama Yoga School and did a specialization in Meditation with Dev Narayan; and in Switzerland she specialized in Yoga Therapy with Doug Keller. In Portugal, she did the Introductory Training to Somatic Experience by Somatic - School of Body Psychotherapies, the Diploma and Expert Courses of Clinical, Transpersonal and Regressive Hypnosis by Transpersonal International and the Training of dISPAr, ISPA's Theatre Group. Jini is a hypnotherapist, trainer in Clinical Hypnosis, Yoga and Meditation teacher and Art critic. She is particularly interested in the theories of Performing Arts (with emphasis on Physical Theatre and Improvisation), Psychodrama, travelling, poetry and photography.

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