UmbigoLAB Call: UmbigoLAB @ Loulé Criativo — until March 20!

UmbigoLAB – an online platform founded in 2018 with the support of Fundação Millennium bcp – has been actively working to achieve its main goal: the implementation of a new dynamic of exhibition, dissemination, and communication in the contemporary art scene.

In 2023, it will continue to invest in its ramifications beyond the virtual field, setting out now for a new offline initiative: an artistic residency to take place in the facilities and with the resources provided by Câmara Municipal de Loulé/Loulé Criativo, which is planned for the period between 05/22/2023 and 06/18/2023.

To carry on the programme started with UmbigoLAB @ ArtWorks, which opened the way for the artistic project presented by Diogo da Cruz, UmbigoLAB @ Loulé Criativo wants to broaden the platform’s scope, affirming its versatility in the contemporary art scene. The goal is not only a new dynamic of exhibition, dissemination, and communication but also a new incentive to creation in this context.

And so here is a second UmbigoLAB Call, envisaging the selection of one artist/artist duo, whose registration as such is active at the date of application submission. The artistic project to be presented in the application must integrate the knowledge of the Master Craftsmen, as well as techniques and materials of Empreita de Palma (dwarf fan palm leaf) and/or Caldeiraria (copper or brass). The work will bemade by the resident artist/artist duo with the collaboration of the Master Craftsmen after training sessions. To learn more about these techniques, please consult the information available in the attached document.

UmbigoLAB will consider eligible any artist/artist duo who appears here at the date of application submission, regardless of age, gender, nationality, place of residence, and date of registration on the platform, excluding any artist/artist duo who, although complying with the above, has participated in another Loulé Criativo artistic residency.

The artist/artist duo who wish to apply must present to UmbigoLAB, and until 03/20/2023, an artistic project that considers this residency’s specific context, which you can get to know in full detail through the documentation made available by the promoter from 01/30/2023.

As it happened during UmbigoLAB @ ArtWorks, the selection of the winning artist/artist duo will be the responsibility of a previously formed jury. In the case of UmbigoLAB @ Loulé Criativo, the jury will be composed by Rita Gaspar Vieira, Sara Antónia Matos, two members of the promoter (representing Umbigo/Fundação Millennium bcp) and two members of the host (representing Câmara Municipal de Loulé/Loulé Criativo).

To learn more about our second UmbigoLAB Call, just access the regulations and the attached file (below).


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