Lugares Restos/Remnant Spaces, by Gabriela Albergaria, in Viseu

Gabriela Albergaria has been working on the territory and humanity’s vision of Nature, the ensuing conflicts and the several theories on ecology which come close to and far from a more or less romantic and scientific perspective. In this context, her craft often includes the cataloguing, manipulation, repair, reuse, recovery, transplanting of trees, species, fungi, etc. It is as if we were facing a great natural and scientific archive, where drawing, in its broadest concept, establishes the form and contours of the works.

Lugares Restos/Remnant Spaces is once again Gabriela Albergaria delving into Nature, a result of her residence in Viseu. This allowed her to study the region’s parks and gardens, to get to know the role of the community in the construction of the territory. The artist presents drawings, textile objects collected from the community and then transformed, besides a piece which derives from the collection of dead branches found on the ground.

Lugares Restos/Remnant Spaces is the plastic result of a peripatetic, inquisitorial exercise, where the artist spills and absorbs, sensorially and intellectually, everything that Nature offers.

The exhibition is at Galeria VNBM – arte contemporânea, Rua Senhora da Boa Morte, 18, in Viseu, until January 17, 2023, with public activities and mediation services announced the gallery’s social media.

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