Performance O Permuto

Daniel Moraes and the Demonstra project have been supporting and giving visibility to artists whose practice is fundamentally based on the non-normative body and functional diversity. In other words, disability is not seen as a stigma or a fatality: it is rather a working tool to explore the limits of representation, plasticity and the body.

O Permuto, the performance that Daniel Moraes and Ângelo Custódio are now developing for O Espaço do Tempo, in Montemor-o-Novo, is based on the same premises: it is the transgression of failure and deficit, and the reinterpretation of them, to whichvoice, drawing and sport are important parts of the act. Between dramaturgy and the spontaneous act of creation, O Permutoimmerges the spectator in a simultaneously challenging and welcoming environment, forcing him to rethink diversity and difference, well beyond the categories and taxonomies that rational, positivist and scientific thinking implanted on us.

Located in Montemor-o-Novo, in the former spaces of the Oficina Magina, O Espaço do Tempo has been an important incubator for artistic experimentation and creation, having been developing, since 2000, several residencies focused on the fields of theatre, dance, performance, music and also the visual arts.

O Permuto takes place on November 18 and 19, at 7 pm, at Oficina Magina, in Montemor-o-Novo, and has the support of the bank La Caixa and BPI, and was one of the winning projects of the Bolsa de Criação O Espaço do Time.

Tickets are free and can be acquired here.

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