Sluice Lisbon: Territory

Territory is the fourth great exhibition conceived by Sluice, in association with PADA, to host 32 artists and curators-led platforms at the Barreiro’s Industrial Park, where the remains of deindustrialization are found everywhere.

Showing more than 80 arts from all around the world, the exhibition debates, therefore, the post-industrial reality with which the great Western metropolis are now facing after the decentralization of productions and globalization, exploring simultaneously questions such as urbanism, ecology and industrial archaeology – themes increasingly present in contemporary art.

Barreiro’s Industrial Park cannot be a better location for this project since it has been hosting a series of studios, archives and artists’ residencies as a way of rehabilitating their buildings while searching for new dynamics and occupations for that place. Also, the dialogue it establishes with the Tagus river and Lisbon opens new ways of thinking about the territory beyond its administrative borders.

The programme has an array of exhibitions, performances, talks and walks organized by several non-institutional and non-profit platforms focused on artists and curators-led practices instead of the usual commercial profile of galleries.

Territory happens alongside Lisbon Art Weekend, from November 10 to 13, and features works and artists by Fonema (UK), TMLE (Germany and UK), Border Agency (Chile), Parallel Cycles (UK and Portugal), Cable Depot (UK), Imaginair (Belgium), The Carousel Institute of Arts (UK), Curiosities (Denmark), Basement Art Projects (UK), The Invasion Project (South Africa), Intersite (Ireland), IMT (UK), QWERTY (Denmark), Stations of the Noumenon (UK), In Between We Swim (Germany + Portugal), Salt Road (United Kingdom), mothermother (New Zealand), Hi10 (Norway), Sastraka Gaztetxea (Basque Country), Terra Firma (United Kingdom), KNO | Kyiv Non Objective (Ukraine), The Third Thing (Australia + Portugal), ADAO (Portugal), ORS Projects (United Kingdom), Palafita (Portugal), Estação Sul e Sueste (Portugal), EST Art Foundation (Low Countries), M Teusink Projects (UK), nProjekt (Hong-Kong), Season (US), Making Ground (UK) and Gray Cube Projects (Colombia).

Full programme here.

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