Wayfinding: Alexandra Cabral at A Pequena Galeria

The instants captured by Alexandra Cabral, daily published in her Instagram, are now on display at A Pequena Galeria in Lisbon. Entitled wayfinding, this her solo exhibition exposes images that until then only belonged to the digital world.

The concept of “wayfinding” is the compass that guides Alexandra Cabral’s images, which is historically linked to the techniques used by those who travelled by land or sea to find mislabelled routes. Here, the photographs are born from the search to reach a destination, where each instant is the consequence of orientation decisions taken in a space, in a route.

The details of everyday life and the narratives that cross the path of the artist are the great inspiration of the images she captures. Her Instagram page presents itself as a minimalist visual diary, and the images are always accompanied by a small caption that helps to understand the narrative that we witness daily.

Alexandra Cabral was the winner of the Best Instagrammer award of the Insties Gerador 2022 and it is in this context that the wayfinding exhibition appears.

Laurinda Marques (Portimão, 1996) has a degree in Multimedia Art - Audiovisuals from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Universidade de Lisboa. She did an internship in the Lisbon Municipal Archive Video Library, where she collaborated with the project TRAÇA in the digitization of family videos in film format. She recently finished her postgraduate degree in Art Curatorship at NOVA/FCSH, where she was part of the collective of curators responsible for the exhibition “Na margem da paisagem vem o mundo” and began collaborating with the Umbigo magazine.

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