Corrente de Ar Vol.II

Corrente de Ar is a curatorial initiative founded by Mariana Baião Santos and Rita de Almeida Russo, which promotes the visibility of young artists whose early career is stalled at the beginning by the lack of exhibition spaces. It is, therefore, an opportunity to create portfolios and establish an important network of people and experiences for growth and development, in an intimate space similar to that of an apartment.

After the first experience in 2021 with 77 artists and a reach of 450 visitors in three days, Corrente de Ar is now returning with a second edition from September 1 to 4, in Príncipe Real, Lisbon.

Composed of both founders and guests Ânia Pais, Duarte Burnay and Theodore Ereira-Guyer, the jury has chosen for this year 43 artists of several nationalities, in a rooster of 88 names and 193 works.

Integrating this edition are Abel Mota, Alexandre homem, André Lopes, Apinho, Bárbara Sousa de Sousa, Beatriz Bagulho, Carolina Batalha, Carolina Godinho, Clara Leitão, Dassilva, Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro, Eliana Manuel Pinho, Giulia Frascino, Helena Figueiredo, Inês Garcias, Inês Matos, Ingrid Lyra Matheus, Isabel Murteira, Isabela Etchenique, Jorge Vale, Madalena Pequito, Mafalda André, Margarida Bolsa, Maria Madalena, Maria Peixoto Martins, Marta Heliodoro, Martîm, Martín Hernández Molín, Miro Bersi, Nadya Ismail, Neuza Matias, Olavo Costa, Patrícia Rúbio, Pedro Lobo, Pedro Queirós, Pinelopi Triantafyllou, Rita Conde, Rui Freitas Ferreira, Sarah Reagan, Sebastião Paz Costa, Skye Quadling, Tiago Leonardo and Tomás Serrão.

The second edition of Corrente de Ar happens from September 1 to 4, in Príncipe Real, Lisbon.

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