No sonho do homem que sonhava, o sonhado acordou: On November 27 opens the first in situ exhibition of UmbigoLAB, an outcome of the partnership with the College of Arts

2021 is a turning point for UmbigoLAB.

After an expected postponement, the partnership with the ArtWorks art residencies programme comes to fruition. Diogo da Cruz was selected and presents – on the occasion of a solo show at Forum Arte Braga until November 23 – an important part of the works produced at the factory. We have also started to collaborate with the College of Arts of the University of Coimbra, integrating the proposals from the students of the MA in Curatorial Studies and the PhD in Contemporary Art.

It’s time to accomplish another of our goals: the first in situ exhibition of UmbigoLAB is about to open, conceived by the students of the MA in Curatorial Studies from the works published on the platform.

No sonho do homem que sonhava, o sonhado acordou can be visited between November 27 and January 17, part of the Anozero – Coimbra Biennial of Contemporary Art, at the Coimbra Plastic Arts Circle. The work of Alberto Carneiro (Archive of the Coimbra Plastic Arts Circle) meets the one of Bárbara Bulhão, Clara Imbert, Héctor Zamora, Marilá Dardot, Margarida Alves, Pedro Pedrosa da Fonseca, Rita Gaspar Vieira and Zé Ardisson.

According to information made available by the College of Arts of the University of Coimbra, the students’ curatorial project twirls in the vertigo of thought: «This circle as belonging to one of the figures that, since always, is associated to eternity and the divine. In this exhibition, the circle becomes, even more, an endless creative cycle, just like in The Circular Ruins (2013) by Jorge Luis Borges, where there is the will to “dream a man and impose him to reality”. Also in this exhibition, the ideas take on body and give back the gaze to the viewer. The works presented summon the night – one that conceals and reveals – from different mediums and a plural body of artists, both national and international.»

We must remember the title chosen for this edition: Meia-Noite is Elfi Turpin and Filipa Oliveira’s proposal for a bipartite programme. Note: the first part starts on November 27 and the second on April 9.

As for the students’ exhibition, the curators were Ana Maria Santos, Beatriz Araújo, Diana Santos, Estefanía Bingre, Filipa Valente, Joaquim Pedro Oliveira, Maria Margarida Cardoso, Matilde Costa Rodrigues and Suelem Santos, who worked under the coordination of Ana Rito and José Maçãs de Carvalho.

If you need any further information, just access this folder.

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