Interview with John Romão, artistic director of BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts

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Rodrigo Fonseca (1995, Sintra) studied at Escola Artística António Arroio, has a degree in Art History from FCSH/UNL, and a post-graduation in Scenic Arts from the same faculty. He travelled through Central Europe and the Balkans, lived in Italy, Greece, and Brazil. His artistic work lies on the music and the body, between the skin of his feet and the skin of the surface floor. He organizes and programmes the festival Dia Aberto às Artes in Mafra and is a founding member of the cultural association A3 - Apertum Ars. He is one of the founders of CusCus Discus. He participated as a musician in CusCus World Musik Radio 196.7 FM, Brussels (Festival Vivarium, 2019), Lisbon (Desterro, 2019) and Marseille (La Deviation, 2020). He participated as a performer in the show PARAANDAR, Festival Snow Black 2019 (Moita), and in the event A TROPA BELADONA (2019), ADAO - Associação Desenvolvimento Artes e Ofícios, Barreiro - productions of A Bela Associação.

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