A Fonte da Gardunha, part of the 2021 cycle 12 em Rede, will take place on June 19 in the historical village of Castelo Novo

On June 19, Castelo Novo presents an art festival whose programme is based on the «dives» of three artistic collectives in residence. Relying on the stories and gastronomic secrets of the families of Castelo Novo, the meaning of the ruins of the romantic places, the woods of Quinta do Alardo and the importance of water as a treasure of a community, signs of the life identity of this small village in Portugal’s interior, and part of Serra da Gardunha, are exhibited.

There will be guided tours to the Águas do Alardo factory, walks through the built heritage of the village of Castelo Novo, as well as the audio walk Uma Aldeia, conceived by the collective of artists Manuel Ferreira, Tiago Porteiro and Rúben Páscoa, the intervention Desvio by Gustavo Costa and Henrique Fernandes and the installation DegeloDiamante Bruto by João Bento, which will also present choreographic wanderings by Elena Castilla.

In the evening, À Mesa [At the Table] project will take place, with the artistic direction of Manuela Ferreira and Tiago Porteiro. The flavours, knowledge and ways of being and doing of the families of the village of Castelo Novo will be served. The houses will be opened to the street and biographies, memories and culinary fictions will take place At the Table. Objects that tell stories will be taken from the crockery. Almost secret recipes will be revealed, and intimate meeting rituals will be recreated and celebrated At the Table.

In these performative dinners, each family prepares unexpected moments of sharing at the table, which show personal and unique forms of hospitality, presenting the heritage of the village.

There is much more to the programme and inscriptions are limited and compulsory by email, contact that can be used for further information. Access this publication to know the families participating in At the Table.

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