JOV’ARTE | Bienal Jovem 2021

The JOV’ARTE | Bienal Jovem is an initiative by the Loures Council, which intends to stimulate and develop the young artists’ skills from the ages of 18 to 35. As such, a competition has been launched for Portuguese artists and foreign artists living in Portugal within this age gap.

There’s no limit to the media or art forms in competition: paintings, sculptures, photography, drawing, ceramics, installation, video and performance pieces can be submitted.

Three prizes are to be awarded: besides the opportunity of conceiving an exhibition in one of the council’s galleries, the first one will be celebrated with a 1.500€ award; the second with 1.000€; and the third with 500€.

Those interested must access all data available in the competition requirements, having in mind that the deadline for submitting the proposals (assignment and competition dossier) through e-mail is 31 May. More information here.

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