La Biennale de Momon 2021

La Biennale de Momon is a project that reflects upon the mutations and changes over time and space at the small village of Maumont, in the southeast of France. Momon attempts to understand the loss of past atmospheres, local existences, and those brought to transform if because of abandonment, globalization and the multiple exodus.

Due to COVID-19, the biennial issues an online essay on the intangibility of the artistic matter – similar to the present times which force us to a double effort of digital imagination and decentralization.

The project is featuring nine artists, whose works are exhibited in a virtual, neutral garden designed by Maya Rettelbach, and constitutes, simultaneously, the website of the biennale. The projects are about that ever-changing, inexhaustible and fertile continuum visible in big and small scales, about absence, the possible presence in photos, videos and hypertexts, and the creation in territories filled with long-lost pasts well drawn in landscapes.

Susana Mendes Silva is one of the artists featured in this biennial and tells us her experience in a brief text which is somewhat symptomatic of the artistic production in times of crises, lockdowns and unusual practices. Through it, Mendes Silva also reiterates a reflection upon the global system of the arts, and how it must adapt to new requirements of exhibition, visualization and socialization.

La Biennale de Momon features works by Sarah Boulton, Marc Buchy, Joan Heemskerk, Frans van Lent, Susana Mendes Silva, Josh Schwebel, Lisa Skuret, Elia Torrecilla and Martine Viale, and is organized by Frans van Lent. On 13 February, at 6 pm (Portuguese time) a public online event will be held in Zoom.

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