Between Studio and Gallery

Galeria Belo Galsterer is organizing a series of online talks with several artists to reveal their work and studio.

Between Studio and Gallery – that is how the programme is titled – while being an intimate invitation, is also a reflection on the current pandemic crisis and what that means to the artists, the culture sector and the strategies they’ve come up with to overcome this rather dry period of exhibitions and social exchange.

The main channels for this programme are the YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Live, so we urge those interested to be aware of the gallery and artists’ profiles.

The line-up has listed the following calendar, stressing that the conversations with the artists Cristina Ataíde and Mário Macilau have already taken place:

09.02 – Live talk on Instagram with Paulo Brighenti

11.02 – At the studio with Renzo Marasca

13.02 – At the studio with Pedro Quintas

16.02 – Live talk on Instagram with Pedro Calapez

18.02 – Talk with Wolfgang Wirth about his exhibition Ornamental Confrontation at Stadtgalerie Museumspavillon Salzburgo, AT

20.02 – At the studio with Claudia Fischer

23.02 – Live talk on Instagram with Rita Gaspar Vieira

25.02 – At the studio with Juliane Solmsdorf

Note: Some of these conversations will only be led in Portuguese.

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