Marilá Dardot in Finestra Sinistra

Finestra Sinistra is the project opening the collaboration between the criticism group Nowhere and A Banca 31, featuring Marilá Dardot as its first artist.

Primeira Página (Portugal) [First Page (Portugal)] is an adaptation of a first work elaborated in 2018 in Brazil at Inhotim Institute, a project which gathers cuttings from the first page of newspapers, thus witnessing the passage of time and the names involved in the construction of the country in a given period. The cuttings allow simultaneously for an isolation of the object and its contextual uprooting, therefore tolerating new reflexions and a hypothesis for cross-referencing.

From 5 to 20 January, A Banca 31 will update the posters daily with those names, and a video documentation can be watched on the group’s and A Banca 31’s Instagrams.

Nowhere is platform for investigation, sharing and reflexion on contemporary arts, founded in 2018 and managed by the curator Cristiana Tejo and the artist Marilá Dardot. In 2020, alongside Finestra Sinistra, it started to host solo and collective exhibitions and the Projeto Encruzilhadas.

A Banca 31 is a kiosk in Alvalade, managed by Carla Paiolielo and focused on newspapers and specialized publications on design and visual arts.

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