La Distinción: La Broma Infinita, at ARTEINFORMADO: Espacio iberoamericano del arte until January 20

It is the second edition of the art fair La Distinción now with the title La Broma Infinita. This project is based on the work Infinite Jest, published by David Foster Wallace in 1996: “The infinite jest is the irreverent art epic, hypnotizing all those who have seen it in the last 100 years.”

The starting point is the concept of the “avant-garde” in the widest sense – without being limited to the first half of the last century: “The unstoppable avant-garde.” That is, La Broma Infinita affirms “contemporary art” under the principle of unfolding, declaring it not only heir to, but also amplifying the predecessor avant-garde “trends”: “The most relevant phenomenon of contemporary art is its range of trends. We present a selection of those that have happened in the last 100 years.”

According to the organization, it is an art fair “without limits”, open to the “multiple aesthetic options” that today emerge in the Ibero-American context. There is above all an investment in the “Barcelona-Madrid-Lisbon axis” – but La Distinción does not exclude a broader perspective, to reach the Latin American market: “It is to create a variable and decentralised geometry [that allows] seeing multiple aesthetic options with strategies of correspondence in the creation, promotion, distribution and sale of contemporary art.”

La Distinción marks a change to the “curatorial formula” initially adopted, with a “team of experts” composed of Fernando Castro Flórez (critic and theorist of contemporary art), Xandro Vallès (member of the collective Aggtelek), André de Quiroga (Portuguese curator and collector) and Paco de Blas (director of the art fair). To access the online exhibition, one just has to check the respective page on ARTEINFORMADO: Espacio iberoamericano del arte. There are 38 galleries, 119 artists and 550 works – whose search will follow the criteria of each visitor.

La Broma Infinita will be available on this platform until January 20.

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