Boys Appetite, a photography project by Miguel Flor – now on the streets of Lisbon

Boys Appetite emerged in 2017 when Miguel Flor began to gather and sub-label the first images in the series, presented later at Mota Galiza (Oporto), in June 2019; at Slou (Lisbon), in December 2019; at Galeria Nuno Centeno (Oporto), in January 2020; and during Walk&Talk (Ponta Delgada), in July 2020. It is also important to mention the publication released in January 2020 by Stolen Books – with a selection of images from the series. This can be purchased, as well as a set of posters signed by the artist, from the publisher’s online shop.

After the experience in Ponta Delgada, where he spread some of the images he had gathered until then, Miguel Flor is now on the streets of Lisbon: Almirante Reis, Alvalade, Cais do Sodré, Chiado and Santos. There are 27 photographs taken in the Azores between July and August 2020, in A1 format, glued on the facades of the Portuguese capital at the end of that year. Not all of them are likely to remain visible – but let’s not fool ourselves: the images are worthwhile on their own, without any other potentially distracting elements. In other words, only the photographs are shown – inevitably placed in contrast to the advertisements around them.

It is a photography project dedicated to the representation of bodies, almost always male, many of them totally or partially naked – but apparently in the most banal everyday situations. In these images, youth and latent eroticism are exalted. It is the throbbing appetite in the skin of these boys. Miguel Flor addresses not only the flesh, but also the desire emanating from it: candour or innocence, voluptuousness or lubricity – but always desire. Boys Appetite reflects the will of their own youth: the yearning, that never-ending thirst. Let’s pay attention to Lisbon’s façades – and to the various platforms where the artist has disseminated this photography project, especially in its Instagram account.

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