Lo demás, yo mismo, by Fernando Clemente

Art is a porous construction, which absorbs the environment that transforms it and shapes it, in a relationship between artist, mediator and observer. And in this porosity, and its inner layers and strata, there is an intellectual and intuitive content that dissects the whole relationship we establish with it.

In this capacity to listen to the author through his work, what he creates and in the way he embodies and forms himself, Fernando Clemente conceives Lo demás, yo mismo, at Galeria Carrasco, Madrid.

In this exhibition, Clemente ironically uses intuition, non-figurative painting, showing an uncompromising, idiosyncratic body of work, free of compositional norms – a painting whose visuality is based on various energies, which are conceived musically and organically.

This is not inseparable from its personal, aggregating, and empathetic profile that he has been cultivating since the 90s and his formative years to his work at La María studio and The Richard Channin Foundation – two projects deeply associated with the Sevillian contemporary artistic scene where he is rooted since the early days.

Lo demás, yo mismo is at Galeria Carrasco in Madrid from 29 October to 5 December.

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