Interview with Luísa Ferreira

Over the last few months, on the occasion of the presentation of The Peepshow – Artists from the EDP Foundation Portuguese Art Collection, and of the B-Side series of talks, the maat and the Umbigo magazine had the privilege of talking to some of the artists who set the current Portuguese contemporary art scene. These were intimate and informal talks, but that were also serious at times.

We covered topics as diverse as their artistic careers, their creative processes, the challenges posed by the contemporary world, another side of their lives, and the more or less obvious relationship they have with their navel (umbigo).

José Rui Pardal Pina (n. 1988) grew up in Campo Maior and studied in the grouping of Arts in Elvas. He earned a master's degree in architecture from I.S.T. in 2012. He completed the admission to order and the internship in António Barreiros Ferreira - Tetractys Arquitectos. In 2016 he joined the Postgraduate Course in Art Curation at FCSH-UNL and began to collaborate in the Umbigo magazine. He is interested in art, cinema, politics, literature, fashion, architecture, decoration...

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