Antes, después, ayer, mientras, ahora, by Belén Uriel

The exhibition Antes, después, ayer, mientras, ahora, by Belén Uriel, is at Galeria Madragoa, in Lisbon, until October 31. The artist’s new group of sculptures presents, as usual in her artistic exercise, a sublime symbiosis between the human body and objects of daily use.

The theme of the research that gave rise to these works by Belén Uriel is the canvas backpack. It is so timeless, neutral, and common that its existence dissolves and almost merges with the human figure. Uriel’s production materials and techniques remain intact, as does the sensitivity and maturity of her handiwork. However, there is a new palette of colours here, soberer and classic.

The backpack concept is deconstructed, conceptually, and objectively (the zippers, the back, the pockets, the straps…). The backpack’s image is extended throughout the different works of the exhibition, in a consistent but not repetitive way.

Moreover, this set of sculptures by Belén fills the gallery in such a dynamic and organic way that the visitor’s eye movement is entangled with the lines and shapes of the works. Belén Uriel’s mastery over the shape and anatomy of the moulds always seems capable of reaching new levels.

The Madrid artist, who has already exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona or London, and has lived in Lisbon for some years, takes advantage of her second solo exhibition at Galeria Madragoa to present works with glass, plaster, and metal, in a logic of non-crystallization, but rather of fluidity and movement. A movement of reciprocity and permanent adaptation, that the backpack object and human body possess and rehearse among themselves.

Antes, después, ayer, mientras, ahora is distributed in the new space of Galeria Madragoa. It is an engaging, touching, and coherent sequence of sculptures, exploring anthropomorphism in a sensitive and innovative way.

Diogo Graça (1997) lives and works between Lisbon and Barcelona. He studied Communication Sciences at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and studies Cinema at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. With a route that passes through places as diverse as Umbigo Magazine, Galeria Madragoa, SportTV and TVI, he finds his fifth floor in writing and audiovisuals, whether in the form of television scripts, articles on art or short stories.

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