Lisbon by the Ear at the 2020 Open House

In a year in which we have relearned how to live in the city space, the Open House Lisboa has also reinvented itself and adapted to the unique context of 2020.

We cannot cohabit in large groups inside buildings, but we can and must look at, interpret and rethink the city that swallows us daily.

Eight sound tours are proposed in this edition, from eight voices from different areas of culture: the architect Gonçalo Byrne; the writer Gonçalo M. Tavares; the communicator Inês Meneses; the filmmaker Leonor Teles; the choreographer Lígia Soares; the journalist Paula Moura Pinheiro; the historian Rui Tavares and the musician Tomás Wallenstein.

From narratives available for streaming or download on the event’s official website, a mobile phone and headphones are the required equipment to accept the invitation, where we choose the rhythm we want to walk these independent paths.

The event takes place on the weekend of 26 and 27 September. But the routes can be taken after that or even listened to in our homes. But there is nothing like living Lisbon to experience such different and rich perspectives:

BETWEEN VULNERABILITY AND RESILIENCE where the architect Gonçalo Byrne “explores the history and refines the perception of the evolution of the oldest city, from the 1755 earthquake to modernity. A walk between Alfama and Chiado, made of courtyards, wide, narrow streets, stairs and viewpoints with doors to the sun.”;

SPACE, CHAIR, PATH AND WRITING where “We wander in this binomial, power that raises the New Avenues and makes them between lines in this script, city where all the books of Gonçalo M. Tavares were written. In these spontaneous journeys he keeps the writer’s characters company and you can choose between four distinct itineraries, getting to know streets and passages of different books: because the city and its architecture are a territory that is not only visited with the feet, but also with the literary and artistic edification.”;

THE KALEIDOSCOPE LOVERS, the route of Inês Meneses, is also a sentimental map, where we “explore spaces with which we are familiar, mapped by ear to slowly contemplate with our eyes. Because only the clouds are the rest of lovers.”;

ARROIOS, ALL AROUND is Leonor Teles’s proposal, which “summons movements, spirits and aesthetics, the passports necessary to travel between unsheltered and narrow streets, between stories of vacant cinemas and different architectural movements.”;

BROAD STRIDE, “Distracted or hypnotized, we travel inside the head of the choreographer Lígia Soares (…) in a sound experience to wander through cafes and bookstores, peek at Prazeres and Estrela, explore tiles, colors, textures. Broad Stride is a sensorial journey that awakens attention to detail.”;

AVENADAS NOVAS RENEWED by Paula Moura Pinheiro offers us “a journey made of individual and collective memories for a reencounter with the renewed Avenidas Novas, where stores with stories – beginning with the family-owned clothing store Casa Xangai, Pastelaria Versaille, an essential point of cultural life from 1922, and Pérola do Chaimite – have an address and give them soul.”;

THE HOUSE OF QUESTIONS AND THE WELL OF MEMORY where “the historian Rui Tavares takes us to April 4, 1571, on a journey that plunges not only into time, but also into history (…) in a challenge to visit Lisbon in retrospect, navigating through history and myths”;

ALVALADE NEIGHBOURHOOD, “In the eyes of Tomás Wallenstein, Alvalade is also his home (…) Stage of revolutions, agitations and celebrations: this is Alvalade. And now it calls for you”.

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale organizes the 9th edition of the Open House Lisboa, where the sound journeys will heighten our vision, touch, smell. The age to be lived, the city to be understood.

From 26 to 27 September.

Fabrícia Valente holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Évora (pre-Bologna) and has training in complementary areas such as video, photography and the production of temporary exhibitions. She is an active curator (eg KAIROS Pavilion), Critic (she is the editor of the online section of Architecture of the Umbigo Magazine and is part of the J–A editorial team) and works in Cultural Mediation (Museu Colecção Berardo and MAAT) on more than 90 exhibitions. She collaborates with several entities in the search for multidisciplinarity between Architecture, Plastic Arts and Music, areas where she develops research works.

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