Transmetatlanticus: Oca International Artist Residency

The EMERGE Associação Cultural and Casa Niemeyer – University of Brasília are getting together for online art project Transmetatlanticus: Hollow International Artist Residency, between September 21 and 25.

Transmetatlanticus is curated by Ana Avelar, Heloísa Vivanco and Jorge Reis, exploring the digital fields of creation, the online and streaming realms, increasingly relevant in a period of major global concern. With the participation of Portuguese and Brazilian artists Carolina Grilo Santos, Francisco Vidal, Inês Norton, Ludmila Queirós e Sónia Carvalho, Carlos Monroy, Cecilia Lima, Gustavo Von Ha, Renata Felinto and Sol Casal, the residency is actually an action that works on the issues of “meta-places”, borders, and approximation and distancing.

In parallel, the University Week at the University of Brasília will also organise various online debates and workshops with the presence of several guests, among them António Pinto Ribeiro and João Silvério.

From September 21 to 25, on the Youtube channel of Dex/UnB, and the social media pages of Casa Niemeyer and EMERGE, the unmissable and unprecedented project Transmetatlanticus: Oca International Artist Residency.

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