Art in Quarantine — Valérian Goalec

UMBIGO invited several artists to reflect on the era we are living in and to think about their artistic production in quarantine times.

Project by the artist Valérian Goalec.

Valérian Goalec, Untitled Trophy, No., 2020. Ink on blue back. Edition: 1/5 + 1AP, 70 x 100 cm

Take our daily life,

Take it several times, like an endless day, see how the repetition combines, adjusts.
See how the simplicity of a form can create new ones as are the basis of our universe,
the combinations of atoms are just an accumulation of small balls.
See how the balance of a banal form testifies to a skillfully constructed fragility.

Take your daily life,

See how the spaces and pages of your calendar overlap over time between the lines.
Stack your plates, see how they resonate on your shelves, potential of a horizontal event.
Vertically, these ceramics towers are just a potentiality.
Imagine in their box, the industrial chips stacked like building models made of potato powder.
Each stage being as thin as the inframince between a pencil lead and its mirror.

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