maat is reopening

maat is reopening tomorrow, 10 July, in a happy coincidence with the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities.

After being closed for several months due to the pandemic, maat is now presenting a renewed programme and image, with new ambitions and visions for what museums and communities should look like.

In gathering manner and adopting a flexible and dynamic format close to a forum, the installation Beeline designed by SO-IL concurs in this reinterpretation proposed by the director Beatrice Leanza, who announced today the main guiding lines for her new project, as well as the exhibitions on show at the moment: Currents – Temporary Architectures contextualizes in 12 pieces the studio SO-IL’s work, a duo composed by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu; The Peepshow – Artistas da Coleção de Arte da Fundação EDP, a series of itinerant devices also designed by SO-IL which will show works by the artists Catarina Botelho, Paulo Brighenti, Tomás Colaço, Luísa Ferreira, Horácio Frutuoso, Mariana Gomes, Pedro Gomes, André Guedes, João Louro, Maria Lusitano, João Ferro Martins, Paulo Mendes, Rodrigo Oliveira, Francisco Vidal, Valter Vinagre – all part of the foundation’s collection; Extinction Call is a sound piece by Cláudia Martinho, which recalls present and past ecological disturbances triggered by the so-called Anthropocene. Other projects are also on show, such as Sound Capsules, in a partnership with ETIC, or Memovolts — Histórias da Coleção de Património Energético da Fundação EDP, which recalls the industrial heritage of EDP.

The site has also been updated with a new communication strategy and multiple new contents and others that will expand on the different subjects on show.

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