Once in a Life Time #onceinalifetime_artrandom

The online project Once in a Life Time was created by the editorial project EMPTY CUBE_READER at the beginning of the state of emergency in Portugal. Once in a Life Time is a phrase changed and retrieved, or stolen, from Talking Heads, and David Byrne, which attempted to contribute, to those days of stern social restriction for the physical and mental health of all, with works of art, archive projects, author editions, artists’ books and design projects, national and international, during 72 daily editions on Instagram.

In the current deconfinement, as indicated in the text accompanying the most recent presentation of a work by Lawrence Weiner belonging to the EMPTY CUBE_Reader archive, the project was extinguished, recovering the premise initially mentioned in its opening text:

“The last presentation will be the day when, in a new social context, we can visit together a museum, an art centre, a café or a cultural event that will bring us back to the public space”.

#onceinalifetime_artrandom thanks all the artists, curators and designers who collaborated in each edition.

João Silvério


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