Sharp View — Salvador Francisco

UMBIGO invited several photographers to develop a project from home showing their point of view of what the photography / editing of the future would look like, in quarantine times.

Project by Salvador Francisco.

Salvador Francisco, Kissing Broken Glass, 2020

It’s Memories, It’s People, It’s Lovers, It’s Houses.
It’s doesn’t come back, It’s leftovers, remains, relics.
Cups we broke at parties,
Cups we broke at kisses set on fire by madness and passion,
Cups that when broken become shards;
Shards delivered to oblivion
That isolation now leads to face

And deep down
Deep down my soul:
The hope,
that by kissing our shards,
what we lived become sacred

In Them there is Love, so I kiss them with lipstick.
Lipstick… I am Man and believe in Tao, knowing that the feminine in me is a supporting feature
for a Fulfilled Human Being

Shards are no longer glasses,
But Sanctifying, it is no longer just a shard.
It’s precious,

Maybe that’s the Power of Love


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