5 Cultural Suggestions — Ana Anacleto

Every week, UMBIGO invites two people to share their 5 cultural suggestions. What can we do at home? From a book to a podcast, album or film: here are recommendations from artists, curators, gallery owners, cultural activists, friends.

We will share the recipe for what makes us better, and we remain united and positive.

Ana Anacleto


The Dictionary of Imaginary Places
Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi

An extraordinary compendium of imaginary places in world literature, filled with cities, gorgeous lands and islands, mythical places, unlikely spaces, all awaken in each reader the desire for travel and evasion. Inspired by the earlier The Imaginary Voyage in Prose Fiction by Philip Grove and Encyclopèdie de l’Utopie, des Voyages extraordinaires et de la Science-Fiction by Pierre Versins, this is an extensive and vast list of imaginary places, with illustrations that complement the information, adding veracity and detail to the imaginative process.

Online Publication

E-flux journal

A publication designed and monthly published by the e-flux online platform, available for on-screen reading (in PDF format) or in printed version, via selected distributors. It can provide the most available reader with hours of pleasure in discovering new approaches and processes of creation, in reading and reflecting on the most poignant subjects, or in the inevitable and healthy confrontation with socio-political positions and frameworks that shape the contemporary artistic production.

Streaming Chanel

Criterion Channel

The Criterion Collection streaming channel (an online platform for international film distribution) provides a wide-ranging film selection covering the entire history of cinema. From American historical classics to contemporary European author cinema, from nouvelle vague to Italian neo-realism, from German expressionism to sci-fi, from film noir to French comedy of manners. Unmissable!

Radio Program

The Enchanted Forest

A dive into psych and progressive rock. A radio show by Tiago Castro at Radar (97.8FM), every Thursday at 11 pm or Saturday at 4 pm. An hour where we do nothing else but listen and think.


The International Dada Archive

An archive of original Dada publications and other writings on this art movement. Physically at the University of Iowa Library, USA, it presents the full digitization of books, brochures, invitations, leaflets, manuscripts and other memorabilia, as well as articles, film or sound recordings, and other documentary sources. Part of the archive is available online.

Ana Anacleto (Lisbon, 1975) has a degree in Plastic Arts – Sculpture and a postgraduate degree in Curatorial Studies, by FBAUL. She was awarded a scholarship at the HdK – Hochschule der Künste, in Berlin. She is currently a Ph.D. student in Contemporary Art at the College of Arts, University of Coimbra.
She was an expert technician in contemporary art at the IAC (MC) and studio manager at Julião Sarmento’s studio. Between 2015 and 2018, she was the curator and the curatorial coordinator at MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, in Lisbon. Since 2003, she has been developing her career as an independent curator, having collaborated, conceived and made exhibitions, among other institutions, with the Serralves Museum, CAM – FCG, CAV, AppletonSquare, Quadrum Gallery/ EGEAC, CAPC, MACE, Culturgest, 3+1 Gallery, Colégio das Artes, Quartel da Arte Contemporânea de Abrantes, Fundação Carmona e Costa or Arte Institut. Throughout this period, she has organized conferences, conversations and thematic guided tours, in collaboration with various museums and academic institutions. She has also collaborated with various publications and institutions in the preparation of essays, research articles or op-eds.

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