Semente Exterminadora, by Pedro Neves Marques

More and more theories have been published reflecting on the origins of epidemics and pandemics and their relations to the destruction of the several ecosystems that inhabit our planet. From those theories, speculations, distortions, and conspiracies arise, populating our imagination and creating new myths, legends and cosmogonies of our modern and hiperindustrialized times. Nature demands its revenge, the drama of the Anthropocene, the future dystopias, the failed utopias: images that colour, text that tell the uncertainties created by human intervention and natural annihilation.

In Semente Exterminadora (2017), Pedro Neves Marques proposes an almost animist essay on the destruction of nature and its self-defence mechanisms for the rehabilitation of balance. Neves Marques dives into the extermination of natural layers, deforestation of indigenous lands for food production, the mechanization of labour and the overproduction demanded by the neoliberal capitalism deeply rooted on hyperconsumerism.

Galerias Municipais and Curtas Vila do Conde – Internation Film Festival are now making this work available to everyone, inviting those interested to a broader, political debate in times of great despair and foreseeable global crisis. On show until 10 May.


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