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The global crisis forced by the COVID-19 pandemic either pushed the markets for new commerce and marketing practices or forced them into a broader presence in the digital world. The art market is no exception, even though, in this case, some peculiarities must be addressed given the unique nature of the art works, which cannot be processed the same way as other goods. Afterall, the real-life presence of the object is mandatory for its acquisition; or at least the visual access to the works must be facilitated.

Several galleries have, thus, pursued new forms of online presentations, while guarantying exhibitions for everyone and purchase options for those interested. An example of this new implementations was Art Basel online.

But other galleries are developing individual initiatives for online exhibitions and digital sales.

With a presence in Lisbon, Rome and Pereto, the Italian gallery Monitor has two exhibitions available now at their Viewing Room: the solo show Arrangements of Forgotten Stories, by Ian Tweedy, and the group show Io Sono Verticale – both adaptations of exhibitions that happened in their facilities, respectively in Lisbon and Pereto. On these shows, literature seems to guide their curatorial text: if in Arrangements of Forgotten Stories book covers are used by the artist to conceive a story, in Io Sono Verticale it’s Silvia Plath’s work that is summoned to articulate narratives, languages and words.

Both exhibitions may be visited online. Ian Tweedy’s show had an opening scheduled for late 31 March, but was cancelled due to the pandemic.

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