Art in Quarantine — Eduarda Rosa

UMBIGO invited several artists to reflect on the era we are living in and to think about their artistic production in quarantine times.

Project by the artist Eduarda Rosa.

Works in quarantine (between the end of February and mid-April)

The works shown here are not a series, so there is no title for the whole set. Although, most of the time, my work is series-based, these develop in parallel, and are not made one at a time.

The larger works, in images 2, 3 and 4, are made on cloth and will eventually belong to a series called Cortinas. In these curtains, I wanted to use at the same time everything that has characterized my work up to this point: geometry, organization, numbering, collages of images that have spiked my interest. The first Cortina (2) was designed for a showcase of the Nowhere group. This group, by the curator Cristiana Tejo and artist Marilá Dardot, presents a monthly intervention at the window of Marilá Dardot’s studio in Campo de Ourique, Lisbon.

The work number 5 is made by 12 book covers, where a film of fabric was torn off, revealing a pink and degraded surface that I liked. In this material full of traces, there is only a simple geometric intervention, in which I played with the colours of bright acrylic paints, which seemed appropriate to me.

As always, the titles of the works were found in the collages used. In the case of book covers, the title is part of the original book title La vida de los animales.

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