On Labor Day we remember the Trabalho Capital Exhibition

Within the historical date May 1 – Labor Day, we recall the exhibition project Trabalho Capital curated by Paulo Mendes, which took place in two parts # Essay on Gestures and Fragments and # General Strike, from the Norlinda and José Lima collection in Oliva Art Center, between 2019 and 2020.

“The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetfulness.”
Milan Kundera

“At Fábrica Oliva, founded in the 20s of the last century and definitively closed in 2010, there is now a cultural space where we see the fragmentation and recomposition of a factory space, which allows new uses and performative meanings. In a city with a large industrial park, it was not intended to obliterate this memory, but to invite it to the exhibition project Trabalho Capital, which in this way confronted the city’s inhabitants, former workers, and visitors who arrived from outside, with a past industrial reality and present. The occupation of an old factory by a cultural project raises questions about the relationship between work and culture, between material (capital production) and immaterial (culture production) values. ”
Paulo Mendes.

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