Art in Quarantine — Vasco Barata

UMBIGO invited several artists to reflect on the era we are living in and to think about their artistic production in quarantine times.

Project by the artist Vasco Barata.

Vasco Barata, Chest drawer, 2020. Inkjet printing on Epson Fine Art 325gr photo paper, 29.7 x 63 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Galeria Fonseca Macedo. Edition of 3 + 1 PA

There is something terribly perverse for artists in these times of pandemic. The abrupt halt of everything, including the cultural sector, will have consequences that we haven’t even realized yet, and those will be violent, in a country that was still recovering from the last (?) crisis. However, the condition of an artist is to make art, always, in any context, and in this, as before, as always… art appears.

We never “learn”, do we?

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