Music for the Weekend #001 — Quarentita

It was with great pleasure that I received a call from António Néu inviting me to repost these Music for the Weekend compilations made as a small contribution of mine in the history of our massive self-confinement.<

This first was the kick-start for what was to come, definitely a harbinger of my well (de)ranged musical taste, which skips from funk to chanson, who never saw frontiers between soul and electronica, which starts with a tiny Monáe inviting the grand Wilson to do harmonies and ends with Erasmo Carlos pleading to “cut the crickets”. I have always been like this and I believe that it’s now too late for things to change.

A selection full of remixes and re-edits, covers and standards from the pop songbook that the radio seems to want to forget at all costs. Starred by Englishmen who would like to have a different skin color, Japanese who think they are vacationing on the sunny American west coast, House music producers regurgitating the blues while musicians with jazz connections robotize a mutant surf music. Songs designed for the catwalk, others to be enjoyed in the boudoir…

But after all, isn’t that exactly the greatest magic of pop, a huge and languid catharsis that aristotelically drags us to distant places where we rest our souls even when the lower limbs insist in keep on dancing? Jump, spin, shake yer ‘booty but think about it over the weekend.

#staysafe #musicfortheweekend

Love, passion, joy. And other states of the soul induced by sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Dandy, bon vivant and other colloquialisms not called for. A drooling father who is passionate about everything that is "now" but with a deep but modest admiration for all that "has been". A European with Asian roots and quite a strong desire to have, be and see the whole world. Music was his first love / and it will be his last

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