Homemade Design — Inês Nunes

During quarantine, days are made for reflection and ideas are shaped by time. Thus, jeweller Inês Nunes decided to create a collection of artist objects to be used in the chest as pins, taking as reference the cardboard rolls of toilet paper. No matter the several interpretations one may draw from the use of this material, history says it is made of cardboard and regarded as something precious.

Therefore, Inês Nunes is challenging everyone at home to be part of her project by doing one of the following:

Option 1: During the quarantine period – Be creative – shape the cardboard roll, take a picture of it in a plain white background and write a text in portuguese and english.

You may participate by sending the picture of the outcome with a written reflexion, critical essay, story or comment.

Your participation (picture and text) will be published on our social networks.

You may keep the object you identified so that you become part of an exhibition, just like the texts will be part of a digital publication and a possible catalogue/book.

Option 2: After quarantine – Select the object or objects involved and contact the author Inês Nunes to execute the pin.

The assembling of each pin will have a symbolic price agreed by you during the act of purchase, and you will have the opportunity of being part of a photographic session with the pin attached to your chest.

Attention – The idea is not to design a pin, it will be executed by the author Inês Nunes, after ordering.

The artist expects the production of an exhibition featuring the project Ronovar, with the intention of showing the complete outcome and the edition of a catalogue/book.

You may reach the artist by email at and follow the whole project on Instagram using #renovarcominesnunes

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