With the participation of 50 exhibition spaces and galleries from eight different countries, helmed by artistic director, Semíramis González, JUSTMAD, now in its eleventh edition, sets itself upon the themes of sustainability, the environment and feminism. The theme of Feminism is central to this year´s fair given its commitment to exhibit equal numbers of male and female artists (culminating in 84 and 87 artists respectively), of both Spanish and international origins.

This intention to achieve parity between the artists is one defined by the fair´s ambition to contribute to the empowering shifts within the often male-centric art world. JUSTMAD highlights the importance that these women not only be exhibited, but that their presence at these forums, amongst other spaces, be reflected too in the market, which historically has not been the case. It is these current notions and structures that the fair intends to call into question and debate; to contribute to the changing of these same structures and their modes of operation; to provide female artists the space to have voice, presence and a share within these environments typically saturated by male-centricity.

JUSTMAD encompasses a variety of disciples from painting and performance to sculpture, as well as the increasingly visible work of textile art and the artists working with this medium such as Ana Teresa Barboza, Estefanía Martín. Equally, the fair chooses to bring to the fore these themes, not by superfluity, but rather because it is these issues that are the growing concerns raised by, in grand part, young people, young artists. The fair´s roster of artists choose to incite discussions ranging from the absence of women in the history of art to the notion of art as a means of resistance.

JUSTMAD runs from 27 February until 1 March 2020, at Palacio Neptuno de Madrid.

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