Mel da Senhora do Labirinto, by André Sier

The digital field is a labyrinth of texts, contexts, hypertexts, images and myths which construct and deconstruct fairly often, full of references, hyperlinks and different characters. It’s a labyrinth as dense as the labyrinth of the cosmos, as complex as the Daedalus labyrinth. Within this digital labyrinth, one is made to oscillate between passivity and activity; reading, investigation, performativity, calculus and even, or mainly, playing videogames.

Mel da Senhora do Labirinto, by André Sier, is a deep dive into the digital and computational creative production, technology becomes a resource for the arts; the idea, the image and the object persevere beyond the technical virtuosity so they are not lost in the computational processes.

As is usually seen in his work, Sier conceives a wandering and performative territory through digital drawing, code, printed sculpture and videogames. The exhibition is a narrative about human and social digital labyrinths, apparently different in everything from the classical labyrinths, but the same in their conceptual matrix. It is in this sense that we find the same Daedaluses, the same Theseuses, Ariadnes and Minotaurs, all locked in the desire for freedom, but doomed to the tragedy of existence.

Mel da Senhora do Labirinto, by André Sier until 29 February, at Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea.

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