Taking stage at the island of the same name, the festival MADEIRADiG returns in November for its 16th consecutive edition. Taking place between 29 November and 7 December, this year´s festival presents itself under a new, extended format.

Alongside its line-up of live music acts set to play the Mudas main-stage, the festival will include a program of other activities, all of which will take place at Ponta do Sol. Hosted by the John Dos Passos Cultural Centre and Estalagem, it is set to feature video art installations, workshops and performances. Some such examples are Jorge Maggiore, performing together with visual artist Carlos Valente in their live show Visivo-percussivo; percussionist, Daniel Bolba, also in collaboration with Diogo Carriço; while choreographer and dancer Margarida Menezes presents performance and video mapping.

The festival seeks to contribute to the formation of both new audiences and creators, and the development of the area via the unification of the local creative sector in a way that uplifts ´collaborative creation and artistic innovation´.

As has come to be known of MADEIRADiG, this year´s edition will continue to present, in harmony with its unparalleled backdrop of mountainous volcano and rich botanical landscapes, the new heights of art and culture in Madeira.

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